5 Steps To Organise Your Fridge

I’m going to cut to the chase here and dive straight in. My idle chitchat isn’t going to help organise your fridge but the next five steps will.

Step 1. Remove all content and clean

As you are removing the content check the expiry dates. Food, condiments, everything. Discard if it’s either out of date or if you don’t use it (maybe you know someone that will). You can store perishables in a cooler whilst you work however, I don’t plan on sticking around for that long so it’s up to you. Give it a good clean once emptied.

Step 2. Group like items together

Dairy. Meat. Veggies. Fruit. Snacks. Juices. Condiments & dressings etc.

Step 3. Zone your items

Think of your fridge in zones. Dairy will have a zone, meat will have a zone, veggies will have a zone and so on. Remember to leave a zone for leftovers.

Step 4. Containerise

Clear baskets and clear containers are your best friend when organising your fridge. It means items stay in their zones keeping your fridge clutter free and organised. It prevents items from getting lost at the back and you can see what stock you have at a glance before heading to the supermarket.

Step 5. Label

Now that you’ve given your items their zone and container, it’s time to give them an address. Sticky labels or chalk markers are great. Chalk markers are also handy if you need to mark expiry dates because the wash off easily.
Maintenance is key to fridge organisation, or any organising for that matter. You need to ensure that things go back into their zones when unpacking the shopping, and when returning items to the fridge.

Remember, everything has a zone and everything is labelled to remind you where that zone is.

BONUS: if you have kids try giving them their own zone, it may even help stop the squabbles over who has the last yogurt. They would have started with the same amount and what’s left in their zone is theirs!

Organising is all about creating systems that work for you. Have fun with it and let me know how you get on.

    • Here are a few additional tips you may find helpful:
  • ADJUSTABLE SHELVES: most fridges have adjustable shelves so adjust yours according to your needs. It’s easy to forget they are there.
  • PREP fruit and veg to save time. Please bear in mind that if it is cut, it will dry out quicker. Only prep what you plan to eat in the upcoming days. I prep for three days.
  • WATER-RESISTANT SHELF LINERS can save time on cleaning up sticky spillages. I got mine from Amazon and they are much quicker to pull out and wash than having to clean an entire shelf. I have one shelf where I don’t use containers and this is where I have a shelf liner.
  • STACK CANS to save space. Whether you stack them vertically or purchase a bottle dispenser, either will save you space.
  • CHALKBOARD MARKERS are really handy for labelling or marking dates on food.
  • A LAZY SUSAN is great for storing condiments. Personally, I store condiments in the inside of the door however I use these with a lot of clients.
  • CLOSE TO END DATE ZONE if you find that you often throw food out, zones and containers will help. You could also designate a zone for food that is reaching its expiry date, somewhere like the inside of the door so you don’t forget it’s there.
  • REUSABLE FOOD BAGS are excellent if you have limited space.
  • ROTATE STOCK (kids yogurts spring to mind here). Always rotate items when you buy more. Fill the containers from the back pushing older items to the front.
  • HOT TIP – store aloe vera in the fridge if you get a little bit too much sun. It’s bliss.

I would love to hear your tips. Please leave a message below or tag me on Instagram @effectivespaces and use the hashtag #effectivespaces with your wonderful, organised fridge.

Hope this helps,
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