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Hi, I’m Tash and I love organising. Fact. There are so many reasons why but the standout has to be that it saves me time. Everything in our house has a home and it saves heaps of time looking for things. I literally organise everything. Fridge, first aid box, kids toys, clothes, undies, if you read my last blog – I even organise the dogs toys!!!! Don’t judge me. Give it a read here if you haven’t yet – it makes perfect sense!!
Now, I know for many people the process of organising can be overwhelming and just knowing where to start can be the biggest challenge. Life is really busy and it’s not always practical to declutter your home room by room, one at a time. I totally get that and that’s why I’ve designed a 5 Step Challenge to kick start your organising. This is about getting organised bit by bit, drawer by drawer, and I’m sure that you will reap the benefits straight away – let me know how you go. read more

Pantries – big, small, walk-in, pull out, you name it, I’ve seen it. It really doesn’t matter what size your pantry is (mine is teeny tiny and works for four people), it comes down to how organised it is. If your pantry is well organised it will make cooking more enjoyable, it will save you time looking for things and it will save you money because you won’t buy things that you already have, but can’t see.

It may seem like a daunting task but rest assured, it isn’t. You will reap the benefits so let’s do this together
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