Our clients say

  • "The wrap you designed for my business has literally changed how we run our operation. You have saved my business time and money. It looks great when a customer opens the package and that was really important to me, thank you."
    Zach, Auckland, New ZealandZach, Auckland, New Zealand
  • "I have learnt so much from you, skills that I actually use in my daily life. I have to tell you, my butter wouldn’t go back into the wrapper, I used one of your wrapping tricks and placed the butter on an angle and it blew me away, all the sides were covered. You are brilliant and I wish you all the success."
     Sophie, London, UK Sophie, London, UK
  • "You are amazing, you have completely changed how I wrap presents. I used to buy gift bags and now I have so many ways to wrap I cannot wait for Christmas."
    Vanessa, Chicago, USVanessa, Chicago, US
  • "From folding jeans and t-shirts to wrapping presents without tape, Natasha from Effective Spaces has time and space-saving hacks that are blowing our mind"
    Good Morning AmericaGood Morning America
  • "She’s a whiz at wrapping presents"
    Apartment TherapyApartment Therapy