Organising With Pets

Hi I’m Archie.
I love all things that squeak and the louder the better. I cause chaos and destruction and am mischievous and cheeky. I am tall enough to reach the counter tops but sweet enough to get away with it. I am bold and brash and shy and cute, all at the same time.
Nice to meet you.

That’s Archie in a nutshell, he is probably the love of my love just don’t tell Gav.
I want to share with you how I organise Archie’s things but it sounds a bit daft so I thought I would give you some context first. We live in a two-bedroom semi, a “Workers Cottage” that is long and narrow. For the time being it’s adequate space for us and by us that’s my partner and I, our two young boys and Archie the 40kg lab. I’m sure it won’t be too long before we move as there’s only one way the boys are going and that’s up, but for now it works.

With the two boys and Archie things get messy and quickly, like really quickly. In order to stay on top of things I have simple organising systems in place. Gav and I have them, as do the boys, so it’s only fitting that Archie does too. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go out and buy containers for his stuff, I just used items that we already had. It saves me so much time looking for things because I always know where to find them and it keeps our house clutter free so that Gav and I can sit and relax in the evening without having “stuff” everywhere.

So, from toys to medication here is how I store Archie’s bits and bobs.

A Poof

Before having kids I would spend hours sitting with my feet up on the poof enjoying a good book, nowadays I have less time for that however I still enjoy it when I can. The poof stores all of Archie’s toys. It’s quick to get things out and I can literally throw things back in at the end of the day. We had it long before Archie arrived and it’s the perfect place for his toys to live.

A Bread Bin

Contains treats, medication, doggy bags, brush and Archie’s whistle. Everything is together so I always know where to find things. It’s easy on the eye and works in the kitchen. We also had this before getting Archie and once upon a time it was used as an actual bread bin. Now I freeze half a loaf (perfect for toast) and the remaining is stored in the fridge.

A Bin

This lives under the sink and stores his food. Quick access, secure from the kids and keeps any smell contained. It’s close to the bread bin as he takes medication with dinner and when it’s time for him to eat, the quicker the better (in his mind anyway).

A Coat Hook

Holds his lead. Sounds simple right? It is but we used to keep his lead down the other end of the house and I would always forget to pick it up before we got to the front door. Scrap that. It now lives by the door with our coats. As we live in a small house we utilise wall space to give us extra room. It’s quick to get to when we are heading out and saves me time traipsing to the other end of the house. I always know where it is and Archie appreciates a quick exit when it’s time for his walk.
That’s it, nothing complicated, nothing fancy, just quick and easy storage to save me time looking for things and to keep our house clutter free. I would love to hear how you store your doggy bits and bobs. Please feel free to comment below.


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