The Wrapping Guide™

A gift wrapping masterclass

Natasha, the face of the viral social media account Effective Spaces and world-renowned gift wrapper, brings to you The Wrapping Guide™

Easy to follow, step by step video tutorials

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • tie the perfect bow
  • measure paper and ribbon accurately
  • wrap boxes and awkward shapes
  • create stunning designs
  • incorporate eco-friendly materials into your gift wrapping


Your gift wrapping essentials


You will discover:

  • essential skills and techniques to wrap like a pro
  • fool-proof, cost effective methods that will save paper, time and money
  • how to create stunning designs for those awkward shaped gifts


Become confident in your skills and soon you will be combining techniques to find your own wrapping style.

Let’s get wrapping.

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  • "The wrap you designed for my business has literally changed how we run our operation. You have saved my business time and money. It looks great when a customer opens the package and that was really important to me, thank you."
    Zach, Auckland, New ZealandZach, Auckland, New Zealand
  • "I have learnt so much from you, skills that I actually use in my daily life. I have to tell you, my butter wouldn’t go back into the wrapper, I used one of your wrapping tricks and placed the butter on an angle and it blew me away, all the sides were covered. You are brilliant and I wish you all the success."
     Sophie, London, UK Sophie, London, UK
  • "You are amazing, you have completely changed how I wrap presents. I used to buy gift bags and now I have so many ways to wrap I cannot wait for Christmas."
    Vanessa, Chicago, USVanessa, Chicago, US
  • "From folding jeans and t-shirts to wrapping presents without tape, Natasha from Effective Spaces has time and space-saving hacks that are blowing our mind"
    Good Morning AmericaGood Morning America
  • "She’s a whiz at wrapping presents"
    Apartment TherapyApartment Therapy

Enjoy this free masterclass and learn how to tie the perfect bow.

$79 AUD Buy Now

Introduction & tools (2 tutorials)

The Wrapping Guide™ is the ultimate guide for gift wrapping:

  • your toolkit must haves
  • tricks when it comes to taping it all together

Pocket wraps (3 tutorials)

With over 70 million views on social media pocket wraps are a firm favourite.  Recreate these designs and the recipient will be blown away by your creativity:

  • single pocket wrap
  • double diagonal pocket wrap
  • crossover pocket wrap

Back to basics (4 tutorials)

  • create exquisite designs
  • the tricks to measuring paper
  • professional tips to finishing

Eco-friendly ideas (3 tutorials)

  • sustainable ideas that help your wallet at the same time
  • Furoshiki wrapping
  • wrapping without tape
  • use your offcuts to make your gifts shine

The magic of bows (5 tutorials)

  • how to tie the perfect bow
  • master five bow designs
  • how to measure the length of ribbon required
  • insider tricks the professionals use when working with ribbon

Perfect pleats (2 tutorials)

  • learn how to pleat paper and make your gifts look exquisite
  • tips and tricks to get straight and even pleats
  • a simple way to make pleats pop

Wrapping awkward shapes (7 tutorials)

Takes the issues away when wrapping wine, circular tins, clothes, plants, triangular items and more:

  • make wrapping awkward shapes fun rather than challenging
  • one method can wrap many different items
  • get creative by adding fun materials to your wrapping
  • make your own gift bags

Bonus tutorials

wired bow

building & wrapping a hamper

ready made bows

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I began designing and creating handmade gift cards 15 years ago.  Personalising cards for individuals and designing invites for major events, I witnessed first-hand how a beautiful creation could impact the recipient and make them feel truly special.  I wanted to incorporate this into my own gift wrapping and I have spent years fine tuning my skills.  I now wrap for local and international brands, and also run private and group sessions both in person and online.

In 2020 I began to showcase my skills on social media and with over 2 million followers regularly enjoying bite sized wrapping tips, demand grew for a longer, more detailed form of instructional video. And so The Wrapping Guide™ was formed.

Passionate about sustainability, I like to incorporate eco-friendly materials into my gift wrapping.  I also believe that one should be left to their own devices when it comes to creativity and therefore I filmed the tutorials individually so that you can combine techniques and find your own gift wrapping style.

I am so excited to see all the wonderful creations you come up with at home.  Please remember to share them on social media and tag me @effectivespaces.

Natasha x

$79 AUD Buy Now

A gift wrapping masterclass.  Over 30 video tutorials covering all the essentials you need to create exquisite, professionally wrapped gifts.

You have unlimited access to The Wrapping Guide™ and can pause and rewatch videos at any time.

Absolutely, just enter your friend’s details and create a password.  Your friend can change the password to their own whenever they like.

Videos range from 3 minutes to 11 minutes.  Go at your own pace and advance through the videos in your own time.

  • wrapping paper of your choice
  • scissors
  • double-sided tape
  • sellotape (clear tape)
  • ribbon
  • boxes or items to wrap


Throughout The Wrapping Guide I use paper from Zazzle, Hallmark and Earth Greetings.  I am looking to create my own line of recyclable paper so please watch this space…

With over 30 videos The Wrapping Guide™ provides you with all the tips and tricks you need to wrap like a professional.


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