Effective Spaces provides expert decluttering and home organising services in Melbourne.

I will clear the clutter and organise your home so that you can spend more time doing the things you love.

  • Have you heard yourself saying?
  • I don't know where to start the kids toys are everywhere
  • my partner won't get rid of anything so I can't organise
  • I can never find anything there is too much stuff
  • there isn't enough storage space in my house
  • I need someone to help organise my kids clothes
  • I keep losing things I need help getting organised
  • there's not enough hours in the day to clear the clutter
  • I need help organising my kitchen

If any of these sound familiar, get in touch today.


As a professional home organiser I work closely with you to organise your space to suit your lifestyle. I don't just come into your home and throw everything out. We work together to establish what is important to you, what you want to achieve and I will set up systems so that when I leave, you can maintain your newly organised home.

If you are moving home, downsizing, or just need a little help getting organised then my home organising service can assist you. My home organising service is Melbourne based, and I provide a hands-on service. Virtual sessions are available.


As a professional organiser and decluttering expert I go where the clutter is. I can help declutter, sort and organise all areas of your home and specialise in:

• kitchen
• pantry
• bedrooms
• play room
• home office
• garage

Based in Melbourne I provide both in-house and virtual organising sessions.

I will be the first to say that decluttering and organising can be hard. When you have some down time the last thing you want to do is start clearing clutter. The piles of ‘stuff’ stay where they are and you will sort them tomorrow. That’s how it goes right? Or, maybe you have tried to declutter and organise yet ‘stuff’ slowly starts to pile up and before you know it you are back at square one. Sound familiar?

Well the great news is it certainly doesn't have to be like that. With me by your side we will have you sorted in no time. I will implement systems that suit your specific needs so that you can enjoy more time doing the things you love.

Why did I become a Professional Organiser?
The two main reasons why I became a Professional Organiser:
1) Being organised saves time
2) Living clutter free brings a calmness to the home and mind

As a Mum, I didn't want to spend my weekends clearing up the mayhem of the week that was, I wanted to be with my boys having fun. In fact it wasn't just the weekends. It was also getting home after a long day at the office and there was just stuff everywhere. I wasn't able to relax in my own home after a crazy day at the office because the "stuff" was causing me anxiety. In a nutshell, the spaces that we lived in were not working for us and something had to give.
I decluttered first, organised second and then implemented and tweaked systems to suit our busy lifestyle. Having systems in place meant that we always knew where everything was, we weren't wasting time looking for things. The process of decluttering and organising clears not just the space, but the mind too so that was a huge win.
Family and friends saw the change in my behaviour and that as a family we are always out and about. They wanted to know what had changed so I started to help them. Its grown quickly from there and thus saw the evolution of Effective Spaces.

If you've read down to here get in touch. Let's have a chat and and get your spaces are working effectively for you.